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MultiSal® microsphere has a core-shell structure, with an active ingredient enclosed within a protective shell.  Typical MultiSal® contains SalSphere® microspheres as a core,  where the active ingredients are encapsulated. The shell is water sensitive and can be made with various thicknesses. 
Purpose & Key Features of MultiSal® Systems

Purpose & Key Features of MultiSal® Systems

MultiSal® microspheres are free-flowing solid micro powder with an average diameter of 20-40 microns,  spherical particles that are soft on the skin. They are used in skincare formulations with various active ingredients to improve product stability and texture and enhance user experience.

1. Particle Size: MultiSal® microspheres typically range from a few micrometers to several hundred micrometers. The particle size can influence the feel and appearance of the skincare product when applied to the skin.

2. Texture Enhancement: Microspheres contribute to the overall texture of skincare products. They can create a smooth, soft, and luxurious feel upon application.

3. Active Ingredient Encapsulation: MultiSal® microspheres often encapsulate various active ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides. This encapsulation protects the active from degradation, enhances stability, and allows controlled release onto the skin.

4. Sustained Release: MultiSal® microspheres enable controlled and sustained release of encapsulated actives, providing extended benefits to the skin over time.

5. Visual Effects: Some MultiSal® microspheres are designed to provide visual effects like light diffusion or color change, improving the appearance of the skin and minimizing imperfections.

6. Matte or Dewy Finish: Depending on the type of microspheres used, they can contribute to a matte or dewy finish, influencing the overall look of the skincare product on the skin.

7. Oil Absorption: Certain MultiSal® microspheres have oil-absorbing properties, helping to control excess sebum and shine on the skin's surface.

8. Ease of Formulation: MultiSal® microspheres are often available as free-flowing powders that are easy to incorporate into various skincare formulations, such as creams, lotions, serums, and masks.

9. Compatibility: MultiSal® microspheres are generally compatible with various cosmetic ingredients, allowing formulators to design products with desired properties.

10. Non-Irritating:  MultiSal® microspheres are non-irritating and safe for use on the skin.

Examples of Applications

Examples of Applications

  1. Transform liquids into stable solid microspheres. The encapsulation improves the handling, stability, and transportation of flammable and highly reactive liquids. Many examples of ingredients benefit from this application, including fragrances, flavors, organic extracts, and solutions. 
  2.  Enabling to formulate and incorporate water-soluble active ingredients in anhydrous liquids (oils) and solid (stick, powder) products. The encapsulation allows you to transform water-based products, such as water extracts of algae, fruits, and vegetables, and use them in anhydrous products, such as body powder and soap-bar.
  3. Water triggered release. Activating the release of the encapsulated active ingredients with water is a compelling feature on several occasions. MultiSal® Fragrance is used to burst a fresh sensation that can offset sweat malodor from products such as deodorant, antiperspirant, foot treatment, pets, etc.     Lip-care products can benefit from MultiSal® Flavor, MultiSal® Flavor/cooling, and MultiSal® LipVantage (plumping) because they are compatible with traditional lipstick/balm and release only when lips are wet.

4. Enable to suspend insoluble activities.  Many actives are insoluble in water and require a unique process to incorporate them into a water-based formula. In some cases, formulators use organic solvents,  alcohol, and surfactants that negatively affect the skin. 

5. Enhance stability. Encapsulation in MultiSal® is the most effective way to retain volatile ingredients, such as single aroma ingredients such as menthol, retinol, fragrances, and flavors. The tight encapsulation locks the active ingredients inside the sphere up to the time of activation. MultiSal® enhances thermal stability; active are retained during a hot process.  MultiSal® can protect ingredients up to 130  oC.  One can bake with MultiSal® and retain the flavor, to release it only when it gets wet.

6. Enable consecutive delivery. Encapsulating multiple active ingredients inside one microsphere, one ingredient is encapsulated in the core, and another is encapsulated separately in the shell. The release can be consecutive; the first ingredient is released from the shell following the release of the other components from the core.  Examples of multiple successive releases are MultiSal® Flavor/Cooling and MultiSal® MultiLayer antiaging.



The release is triggered and modulated by water. Diffusion from MultiSal® is minimal and noticeable only when the ingredient is very volatile, i.e., menthol, fragrance, and used at high loading (50%). Water is the primary factor triggering the release.  The release intensity is modulated by water activity and interaction with the shell polymers.   Expect fast release when the shell is made with water-soluble ingredients, slower release with more complex polymers, and delayed release with a more sophisticated blend of polymers that is less water-soluble. Once the shell cracks open, the core is dispersed, and the content is released.

Examples of Applications

  1. Release of aroma ingredients, fragrances, essential oils, and flavors. Enhance the stability and safety of volatile aroma ingredients, fragrances, essential oils, and flavors with MultiSal® encapsulation. This process transforms liquids into fine powders, ensuring longer shelf life and safe handling. Salvona offers encapsulated single-aroma ingredients like Menthol and Methyl Salicylate, with options for custom encapsulation in MultiSal® Fragrance and MultiSal® Flavors.
  2. Transform water-soluble into insoluble. Many commonly used actives for cosmetics are water-soluble, such as peptides and silicones. MultiSal® LipVantage is used to plump the lips with a sensory effect combined with the delivery of peptides. MultiSal® Shine is a solution to add silicone shine to lip care products for more extended wear. MultiSal® allows loading the lip balm with oils but without softening the balm.
  3. Water triggered release. Moisture level at the proximate location triggers the release of various active ingredients. MultiSal® Menthol and MultiSal® Fragrance are used in body powder, sticks, and oils to burst release when in contact with moisture. Other products include MultiSal Sweet to boost flavor sensation, and MultiSal® SalCool, to add a fresh, invigorating sensation.  
  4. Solubilizing/suspending insoluble active ingredients. MultiSal® enables the encapsulation of insoluble active ingredients and transforms them into a fine powder. The fine powder is then quickly broken into the emulsion to create a homogeneous form. MultiSal® Sal Acid and MultiSal® Resveratrol are only a few examples.
  5. Consecutive release of multiple actives. Several model systems are available for double encapsulation of Flavor/Cooling.  Custom-developing more specific combinations of flavor/sweet, flavor/cooling and flavor/sour is possible.  
  6. Time-release solution for sensitive skin. Slow-release of active ingredients is an effective method to reduce side effects, irritation, dry skin, and pain from conventional applications.   Several MultiSal®-based products exhibit this benefit, such as MultiSal® Retinol, MultiSal® Salicylic Acid, etc.,  
  7. Enhance thermal stability. MultiSal® can enhance the thermal stability of various active ingredients. This feature is convenient when the finished product’s production exposes the components to heat, such as molding and extruding.   MultiSal® was found to be prudent for ingredients like fragrance, flavor, menthol, and other heat-sensitive ingredients that are used to produce sticks, lip balm, soap -bars, etc.