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MultiSal® Vitamin C

PRODUCT ID: 2100-09

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MutliSal® Vitamins C is a double-layered encapsulation system composed of a microsphere containing sub-micron spheres. The sub-micron spheres contain the Vitamin C for a triggered-release. MultiSal® technology is designed to enhance absorption and deliver the Vitamin C directly to the skin, where it will be most effective.

Suitable for skin, foot and lip care products such as anhydrous lotions and body powders

Please email us or contact your local distributor for INCI, safety, or regulatory files.

MultiSal® microsphere has a core-shell structure, with an active ingredient enclosed within a protective shell.  Typical MultiSal® contains SalSphere® microspheres as a core,  where the active ingredients are encapsulated. The shell is water sensitive and can be made with various thicknesses. 

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