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2521 Kuser Rd
Hamilton Township, NJ, 08691
United States

(609) 655-0173

Salvona offers controlled release and advanced encapsulation technologies.  Our solutions allow the enhanced deposition, penetration, and controlled delivery of cosmetic and pharmaceutical actives.


Salvona develops industry leading encapsulation systems that solve the toughest challenges in the consumer, household, industrial, and pharmaceutical markets.

Featured Solutions

SalSphere™ Severe Acne Relief

A technology to address the multiple symptoms of acne without antibiotics.


6 Functions in 1 Technology

Anti-acne, sebum control, scar repair, and more.

No Antibiotic Resistance

The excessive use of antibiotics causes bacteria resistance. SalSphere™ Severe Acne Relief provides the same benefits without increase antibiotic resistance.


10x Efficacy From Rinse Off

Ten times deposition of active, potent salicylic acid, available on the skin after rinse off.

Time Release

The technology remains on the skin's surface for six hours.

Cost Effective

Addressing the multiple symptoms and causes of acne from a single technology.