Solve formulation challenges.

Stability and efficacy in one.

Using Salvona's technology platforms formulators can take actives difficult to work with, either due to incompatibility or stability, and immediately start to make beautiful, elegant, and stable formulations.

  • Stable and effective products using retinol, benzoyl peroxide, polyphenols, and other volatile ingredients
  • Time release to enhance active ingredient loading levels, pass assay tests, and deliver more active material to consumers
  • Save time and money when upscaling, remove excess material costs used to stabilize old formulation bases

New product innovation.

Enable your imagination.

Every new idea requires a step forward. With a crowded marketplace, having a differentiated product is key to standing out and being successful. Salvona's advanced raw materials allow new and creative formulations enhanced with super delivery systems.

  • Utilize new and exciting actives and transform proven actives into new product forms
  • MicroBead™ technology to surprise consumers and show product efficacy
  • Triggered release to create a "wow" factor, deliver actives when and where they are needed most

Improved quality of life.

Better products for better results.

If the products we all use work better, faster, and offer a better user experience we all win. Every product is given a set amount of time before it's discarded as something ineffective or, even worse, harmful and irritating. Encapsulated and advanced raw materials can bridge the gap and deliver potent and powerful actives without the harmful residual effects, and enhance their delivery for maximum results.

  • Safely deliver ingredients with time release delivery, reduce skin irritation and increase compliance
  • Time release of potent ingredients for all day treatment, use enhanced deposition to leave more material on the skin and less down the drain

Micro-encapsulation technologies have been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to increase ingredient stability and control active ingredient release.  Salvona's technology builds upon existing principles using our unique technology platforms

Our unique systems focus not only on stabilizing volatile active ingredients, but on creating individualized solutions for specific technology problems. We engineer each system for targeted, triggered, or timed release based on the problem at hand.

We bring these advanced solutions not only to the existing pharmaceutical market, but also to the consumer, household, and industrial markets. Our cutting edge techniques and years of industry knowledge allow for cost-effective technologies that were once out of reach.

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