MicroBead™ technology
breathes new life into products.

Enhance the visual appearance and functionality of your products with MicroBeads™, visual colored beads ranging from 300 to 850 microns in diameter. MicroBeads™ complement the functionality of Salvona's delivery systems based on actives, which often take time to produce perceivable results. The visual experience inspires innovative products that yield immediate consumer gratification.

Available in eye-catching shades and color-changing varieties, MicroBeads™ break down upon rubbing without leaving any residue, making this unique technology biodegradable and environmentally safe.


Seeing is believing.

It's getting tougher and tougher to differentiate your product on the market, consumers want immediate results - they want to see their product working.  Thankfully, our team of formulation experts created a blackhead removing mask using the MicroBead™ ColorFx technology to help consumers see the benefit as they use the product.  Watch the video to see the technology in action and how this small improvement elevates the entire customer experience.



Visual beads (300 microns in diameter) that provide a color-changing effect upon rubbing. MicroBead™ ColorFx can be incorporated into various emulsions to convey an immediate change such as whitening, tanning, covering blemishes and skin imperfections. Suitable for make-up effects from skin care

White to Black ID: MBFX-1000-MA
White to Brown ID: MBFX-1001-MA
White to Red ID: MBFX-1002-MA
White to Yellow ID: MBFX-1005-MA
White to Green ID: MBFX-1006-MA
Pink to White ID: MBFX-1003-MA
Gold to White ID: MBFX-1004-MA
Blue ID: MBC-1011-MC
Black ID: MBC-1016-MC
Green ID: MBC-1012-MC
Jade ID: MBC-1017-MC
Pink ID: MBC-1013-MC
Gold ID: MBC-1018-MC
White ID: MBC-1014-MC
Red ID: MBC-1019-MC
Silver ID: MBC-1020-MC
Yellow ID: MBC-1015-MC


Colorful beads (600 to 850 microns in diameter) that provide a unique visual appeal and added functionality. MicroBead™ Colors are used to convey the use of micro-spheres with functionality from SalSphere™ and MicroSal™ that cannot be seen with the naked eye.