Powerful, proven actives that are engineered for performance.

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Double the encapsulation for protection and stability.

MultiSal™ is a double-layered encapsulation of actives in powder form microspheres. These microspheres are loaded with SalSpheres™. This unique structure protects actives from premature release, oxygen, and heat. Time, friction, or moisture can trigger release of the actives from the system.


Submicron delivery system for water-based products.

SalSphere™ technology enables the encapsulation and controlled delivery of a wide variety of actives in sub-micron spheres. These spheres are used to enhance the shelf life, stability, and overall efficacy of topical formulations. SalSphere™ is an ideal solution for the skin-friendly delivery of acids and oxygen-sensitive actives from water-based products.



Sub-micron moisture triggered release.

HydroSal™ is an aqueous suspension of sub-micron spheres suitable for large surface area applications such as fragrance, antimicrobial, and insect repellant products. HydroSal™ is compatible with aqueous and hydro-alcoholic systems. Release is modulated by controlled diffusion and can be triggered by re-exposure to moisture.


Size matters.

Salvona's sub-micron technology means engineered solutions that have been optimized for their application.  Our team of engineers are able to further design and prototype solutions to work for your specific need.