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SalScent™ is a fragrance technology that increases fragrance value by boosting longevity, releasing on demand, and easing formulation.

There is high demand for the encapsulation of fragrances due to the essential role fragrances play in the cosmetic and household industries. Typical encapsulation requires transportation of the fragrance, increasing the costs. There are limited commercial encapsulation processes that are cost-effective and suitable for water and hydro-alcoholic formulations that are clear.

Unique Advantages

1. A product in clear water or hydro-alcoholic base.

2. Allows you to encapsulate the fragrance at your facility in a cost-effective way. It is the ideal solution for companies that use a large variety of fragrances in different volumes. It enables the flexibility to create fresh batches at the required volume, at location.

3. Provides moisture-triggered bursts, ideal for deodorant products (perspiration triggered).

SalScent™ at a ratio 1:2.3 (fragrance: SalScent™) vs. free fragrance, as a consumer perceived benefit. The ratio may vary from one fragrance to another.

SalScent™ technology provides you the ability to encapsulate your fragrance of choice in your own facility. It also provides you with the ability to fully customize the balance between cost and performance. You can vary the loading of fragrance to reach optimal performance. For maximum longevity, a ratio of 1:2 (neat fragrance: SalScent™) is recommended.

Add the fragrance to the SalScent™ liquid while genty mixing at room temperature until it's homogeneous and a clear solution has formed. 

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