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SalSphere® BPO

SalSphere® BPO is a targeted delivery system of benzoyl peroxide (BPO) for the treatment of acne.

BPO is an FDA-approved acne treatment to clear pores and eradicate P. acnes bacteria.

However, it is known that BPO is difficult to formulate with due to its poor water solubility and high instability. Additionally, while it is a proven antibacterial agent with clinical success in acne-fighting products, it often results in dryness and discomfort. SalSphere® BPO surpasses these obstacles with its unique encapsulation system and is designed to enhance the acne treatment.

Unique Advantages

1.  Ready for Formulation: Improved stability and encapsulation provides a safe, quick, and easy way to formulate acne solutions.

2.  Targeted Delivery: SalSphere® technology is designed to deliver BPO where it is needed in the hair follicles to be effective.

3.  Gentle, Slow Release: With controlled release technology, SalSphere® BPO is gentle on the skin


Amount of BPO detected on skin from a rinse-off application containing SalSphere® BPO versus competitor products.

SalSphere® BPO is a sub-micron encapsulation system of benzoyl peroxide that is approximately 0.4 to 0.6 micron in diameter (Figures 1C and 2). The particle size of the technology is designed to facilitate the targeted delivery of benzoyl peroxide into the follicles.

Upon applying the product, the sub-micron spheres adhere on to the pimples where they will dissolve and slowly release BPO directly into the hair follicles

SalSphere® provides enhanced deposition of BPO on the skin from rinse-off products, a critical feature in prolonging treatment and increasing efficacy. 

Three and a half times more BPO resides on the skin from SalSphere® BPO than from the market competitor, demonstrating that the technology enables time release of BPO for a more potent and effective acne treatment.


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