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SalSphere™ Skin Repair

SalSphere™ Skin Repair is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory delivery system of various lipids shown to effectively reduce the symptoms of atopic dermatitis (AD) and repair the permeability barrier of the stratum corneum.

Non-steroidal Skin Barrier Repair

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a common skin disorder characterized by inflammation, redness, itching, and lesions that can make the skin crusty and scaly. The skin disorder often emerges in early childhood and may persist throughout adulthood. AD affects approximately 10-20% of children and 1-3% of adults worldwide, with a higher incidence in developed countries.

Pharmaceutical and OTC treatments of AD generally include the use of corticosteroids. Continued use of such steroids, however, can often lead to undesirable side effects. 

Lipids such as ceramide, conjugated linoleic acid, cholesterol and palmitic acid are non-steroidal solutions to repairing the skin barrier, thereby reducing water loss, maintaining flexibility, and restoring balance in order to alleviate the symptoms of AD.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a key agent in skin repair because of its ability to decrease the production of inflammatory agents, specifically the enzyme COX2. Unfortunately, CLA is prone to oxidation and can lose its potency in its natural, free form as well as result in malodor. Ceramide, palmitic acid, and cholesterol are the other functional ingredients that promote healing. These lipids rebuild the skin, enhance barrier properties, and regulate the skin’s ability to hold moisture.

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How the Technology Helps You

SalSphere™ Skin Repair is an advanced sub-micron sphere delivery system ranging from 0.1 to 0.3 microns in diameter (Figure 1). Ceramide, CLA, cholesterol, and palmitic acid are encapsulated within the hydrophobic core, which protects the lipids from oxidation and releases the ingredients in a controlled manner for long lasting benefits.

SalSphere™ Skin Repair is also specially designed to break down more rapidly when it comes into contact with a high level of lipase, an enzyme present at the inflamed sites of AD. This ensures that an increased concentration of repair agents will be delivered to target sites where treatment is needed the most.

Extended Release on Skin

SalSphere™ Skin Repair is a stable delivery system with
enhanced release performance features. By protecting CLA from oxidation and slowly releasing it over time, the
presence of CLA on skin is greater and longer-lasting (Figure 2).

Over a period of six hours, more CLA was detected
from the cream containing SalSphere™ Skin Repair than the cream that contained free CLA. This increased
longevity of CLA is conducive of increased and longlasting
skin reparation.

Figure 1: Structure of SalSphere™ Skin Repair with its shell and core encapsulating ceramide, CLA, cholesterol, and palmitic acid.

Figure 1: Structure of SalSphere™ Skin Repair with its shell and core encapsulating ceramide, CLA, cholesterol, and palmitic acid.


Figure 2: Long-lasting release of CLA from a cream containing 10% SalSphere™ Skin Repair versus a cream containing free CLA. The amount of CLA extracted from the skin is represented as percent of initial amount applied to site (N=3).