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In addition to our custom-tailored encapsulation solutions, Salvona offers excellent "off the shelf" solutions to help turn your product into a technology-based offering. See something on here you like but are interested in a higher loading, specific blend, or added actives? Contact our sales team to see how we can work together.

ID Technology Name Application Downloads
8023 SalSphere® Resveratrol Anti-Aging Documents
8102 SalSphere® Anti-Aging Lift Anti-Aging Documents
8413 SalSphere® Natural Anti-Aging Anti-Aging Documents
4900 SalSphere® BPO Dermatology Documents
8248 SalSphere® Salicylic Acid Dermatology Documents
8384 SalSphere® Color Guard Hair Documents
8397 SalSphere® Healthy Scalp Hair Documents
8313 SalSphere® Severe Acne Relief Dermatology Documents
8337 SalSphere® Natural Hair Growth Promoter Hair Documents
8388 SalSphere® Style Protector Hair Documents
8391 SalSphere® Hair Rejuvenator Hair Documents
8428 SalSphere® Hair Stimulator Hair Documents
8414 SalSphere® Aqua Skin Skin Documents
8415 SalSphere® Skin Smoothing Skin Documents
8417 SalSphere® Skin Repair Skin Documents
8392 HydroSal™ SalSilk Hair Documents
8290 HydroSal™ FreshCool Sensory Documents
8278 HydroSal™ SalCool Sensory Documents
8419 HydroSal™ Natural Antiseptic Antiseptic Documents
8816 SalScent™ - Sensory Documents
2149 MultiSal™ Retinol Anti-Aging Documents
8420 MultiSal™ Triple Action Anti-Aging Anti-Aging Documents
8106 HydroSal™ Bug Guard Antiseptic Documents
8002 MultiSal™ Menthol Sensory Documents
8123 MultiSal™ Sebum Control Skin Documents
8844 SalSphere® Skin Protection Skin Documents
5079 SalSphere® SalOxy Skin Documents
2402 MultiSal™ Fragrance Sensory Documents
7019 HydroSal™ BKC Antiseptic Documents
8316 SalSphere® Sunkiss Skin Documents
MBFX 1000 SalColors™ - Sensory Documents
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