Salvona's Safe Alternative to Plastic Beads

Salvona Technologies introduces new MicroBead™ technology, visual colored beads that are suitable for a variety of water-based, personal care applications. MicroBeads™ are made of environmentally-friendly materials, making it the ideal solution to plastic beads. 

MicroBeads™ come in two major varieties:

  1. MicroBead™ Colors - Colorful beads approximately 600 to 850 microns in diameter that provide a unique aesthetic to formulations. These beads break down onto the skin upon rubbing and leave no residue.
  2. MicroBead™ ColorFx - Visual beads approximately 300 microns in diameter that yield a color change effect upon rubbing without leaving a residue. MicroBead™ ColorFx, when used in combination with Salvona’s functional delivery systems, help to encourage the daily use of products by conveying instant results, such as tanning, brightening, and blemish reduction. 

Download the MicroBeads™ catalog to learn more. Visit Salvona Technologies at Booth 1570 during the upcoming NYSCC Suppliers’ Day show taking place May 13th to 14th in Edison, New Jersey. Schedule a meeting with one of our technical experts to discover new ways in which Salvona’s innovative technologies can help you create exceptional products.