Daily and Instant Skin Care Campaign Launch

Salvona is launching the next generation BB and CC creams: innovative technologies for daily skin care and instant cosmetics.

Daily Skin Care

Salvona's line of "Daily Skin Care" technologies features seven products that enhance the healthy and youthful appearance of your skin.  

  1. SalSphere™ Skin Smoothing
  2. SalSphere™ Natural Anti-Aging
  3. MultiSal™ Retinol
  4. SalSphere™ Clear Skin
  5. SalSphere™ Resveratrol
  6. MultiSal™ Triple Action Anti-Aging
  7. SalSphere™ AquaSkin

Instant Cosmetics

"Instant Cosmetics" are visually unique technologies that deliver colored beads for immediate results in combination with long-term benefits from functional ingredients.

  1. SalSphere™ Light
  2. MultiSal™ Dark Circle Eliminator
  3. SalSphere™ Sunkiss
  4. SalSphere™ Anti-Aging Lift

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