Blemish Control Revolutionized!


In a market saturated with products that claim to clear your skin of blemishes, how do you know which one to choose and what really works? Salvona introduces SalSphere™ Clear Skin, a revolutionary AHA/BHA technology that will change the face of skin care. SalSphere™ Clear Skin is a sub-micron technology that slowly releases AHA/BHA to fight blemishes and hydrate the skin.

During a live webinar, technology chemist Colin Scott discusses the common uses of alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids in skin care. While many products in the market utilize these acids and promise to fight off blemishes, the fine print reveals a few catches! 

SalSphere™ Clear Skin delivers the power of alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids without the irritation and dryness that commonly accompanies the use of hydroxy acids. Moreover, this technology is compatible with water-based applications, including cleansers and lotions.  

In addition to going over market trends, the technology, and how it works, Colin provides regulatory information for various major regions. Accepted use levels for salicylic and lactic acid are given for the U.S., Canada, Europe, China, and India.

Links to the various video clips pertaining to SalSphere™ Clear Skin are available for viewing below, including the recording of the live webinar and viewers' questions.

Measuring Skin pH - Demonstrating the method used to quantify the skin-friendly characteristics of Salvona's technologies.

Measuring Skin Moisture - Demonstrating the method used to quantify the moisturization that Salvona's technologies imparts on skin. 

SalSphere™ Clear Skin: Solubility of Salicylic Acid - Demonstrating the ability of SalSphere™ Clear Skin to suspend salicylic acid in a clear formulation compared to free, un-encapsulated salicylic acid.

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