Achieving Smooth, Radiant, Skin in Just 2 Days

SalSphere™ Skin Smoothing yields healthier looking skin is as little as 2 days. Last week, Mr. Colin Scott, one of the technology chemists here at Salvona, hosted a live webinar on this new and innovative technology. 

SS Skin Smoothing - 2 days.png

SalSphere™ Skin Smoothing is a unique, sub-micron delivery system that slowly releases beta-hydroxy acid (salicylic acid) to gently exfoliate and smooth the skin surface. Rather than dump all the salicylic acid on your face at once, potentially causing redness and irritation, the encapsulation system delivers small dosages of salicylic acid to the skin throughout the day.  

As a stand alone product, SalSphere™ Skin Smoothing is exceptional and even easy to formulate into water-based applications such as facial cleansers and lotions. But as Scott explains, this technology gives you a wide variety of possibilities:

  1.  Renewing Facial Lotion:  Utilizes SalSphere™ AquaSkin to deliver natural seaweed, vitamins and other essentials to boost skin moisture – all while gently exfoliating with SalSphere™ Skin Smoothing!
  2. New Skin Lightening Lotion:  SalSphere™ Light provides slowly released arbutin to increase skin brightness in deeper layers while SalSphere™ Skin Smoothing exfoliates the outer layer to reveal this newly brightened skin.
  3. Refreshing Body Wash:  Combines the exfoliating power of SalSphere™ Skin Smoothing with the cooling refreshment of HydroSal™ FreshCool.

If you missed it, or would like to view the information again:


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