Targeted Solutions for Acne Webinar

Salvona hosted a webinar that featured a unique technology designed to get deep down into the pores to combat acne. The webinar was presented by Colin Scott, one of the technology chemists at Salvona specializing in dermatology. 

SalSphere™ BPO is a sub-micron delivery system of encapsulated benzoyl peroxide. It effectively adheres to the blackhead and partitions into the lipid layer of the skin while releasing the encapsulated BPO where it is needed the most.
Other major advantages include:

  1. Extended shelf life and stability

  2. Reduced irritation due to slow release mechanism of “SalSphere™” technology

  3. Easy formulation into water-based applications

  4. Enhanced deposition, including from rinse-off applications

If you missed it, or would like to view the information again:


VIEW WEBINAR RECORDING (can also be viewed below)