Advanced Anti-Aging Solutions Webinar

Danielle Prima, technology chemist at Salvona, hosted a live webinar presentation today on Advanced Anti-Aging Solutions. 

The main focus of the webinar was a new Salvona technology, SalSphere™ Anti-Aging Lift. This innovative technology is a delivery system of collagen-boosting peptides and other functional ingredients that yields an immediate firming effect and reduction of fine lines while providing long-lasting wrinkle therapy.

The SalSphere™ encapsulation technology is a sub-micron system infused with collagen-boosting peptides. The combination of polymers and botanical extracts produce an immediate tightening effect. The delivery system is intelligently designed to target the peptides to the dermal layer where it is required for long lasting wrinkle reduction.

During the webinar, Danielle discussed the development of wrinkles and the current anti-wrinkle options that exist. While many of the current options are expensive, painful, and invasive, Salvona offers a safe and effective alternative: SalSphere™ Anti-Aging Lift. The presentation covered various studies done with SalSphere™ Anti-Aging Lift including: (1) Immediate and long-lasting sensation perception of the firming effect, (2) Visibly perceivable and instant reduction of fine lines, and (3) Enhanced peptide penetration to the dermal layer where collagen synthesis occurs. In addition to the exceptional performance of SalSphere™ Anti-Aging Lift, formulation is simple and suitable for a number of leave-on applications.

If you missed it, or would like to view the information again:


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