Webinar on Technologies for the Treatment of Acne

Colin Scott, one of the technology chemists here at Salvona, hosted a live webinar on new technologies for the treatment of acne this week.

After a brief overview of the causes and symptoms of severe acne and the technical challenges of treating it, Colin introduced a new, innovative technology as the solution: SalSphere™ Severe Acne.

The major feature of "SalSphere™ Severe Acne" is its time-release delivery of pharmaceutical-grade salicylic acid along with other supporting functional ingredients that treat the multiple symptoms of acne including inflammation, potential scarring, and excess sebum.

The webinar presentation included a discussion of the technology, its mechanisms, studies regarding its efficacy, as well as how to easily formulate with "SalSphere™ Severe Acne" to develop quality products for the treatment of acne.

If you missed the webinar, please feel free to view the recording here or below. The presentation is also available in PDF form for download here.

Please contact us at (609) 655-0173 or email us at sales@salvona.com if you have questions or comments.