Webinar on Hair Enriching Technologies

A live webinar presentation featuring some of Salvona's hair care technologies took place today, Wednesday, February 27. 

Danielle Prima, formulation chemist specializing in hair care studies here at Salvona Technologies, spoke about the advanced sub-micron delivery systems used to enhance the health and appearance of hair.

  1. HydroSal™ SalSilk is used to achieve fuller hair appearance.
  2. SalSphere™ Style Protector helps retain styling all day by preventing frizzy and unruly hair.
  3. HydroSal™ Hairoma Therapy provides lasting fragrance sensation and neutralization of malodor caused by smoke and sweat.

The webinar presentation included information on how to formulate with Salvona's hair care products as well as how to explain the benefits to consumers.

If you missed the webinar, feel free to view a recorded version here or below.

Please contact us at (609) 655-0173 or email us at sales@salvona.com if you have questions or comments.