Powerful Skin Solutions for Daily Use


Salvona's advanced technologies make it possible to develop powerful formulations that are skin-friendly and easy to use on a daily basis. That's why, in a live webinar, we introduced a line of Daily Skin Care technologies that feature six product concepts packed with our innovative technologies.

Technology chemist Peter Muller broadcasted live today about Daily Skin Care, focusing on the technologies and benefits of our Sleeping Beauty Night Cream. This potent formulation incorporates several technologies that help fight aging skin and maintain healthy skin appearance. 

MultiSal™ Retinol is a time-released technology that delivers stable and skin-friendly retinol to reduce wrinkles and dark spots. SalSphere™ Resveratrol reduces the signs of aging with natural and potent antioxidants; its benefits are both anti-inflammatory and skin-brightening. SalSphere™ AquaSkin delivers encapsulated seaweed extract and humectants (Vitamins B & E) to hydrate and moisturize the skin. The Sleeping Beauty Night Cream is designed to be used before bed, so Salvona has also added HydroSal™ Soothing Chamomile for a long-lasting calming aroma that promotes a good night's sleep. Finally, MicroBead™ Colors Blue add a visual aesthetic to the cream that appeals to users and dissolves upon application without leaving a residue.

Links to information pertaining to the Daily Skin Care products are available for viewing and download below, including the Daily Skin Care handout, the PDF of the presentation, and the recording of the webinar.

Daily Skin Care Handout

PDF Download of Webinar Presentation

Webinar Recording (or view below)