Aesthetically enhance formulations with MicroBeads™


Salvona Technologies recently introduced a new line of MicroBead™ technologies, innovative ways to aesthetically enhance formulations and deliver instant cosmetic effects from various skin care products.

MicroBeads™ are designed to complement the functionality of Salvona’s delivery system-based actives. These eye-catching beads range from 300 - 850 μm in diameter, and can be incorporated into a variety of leave-on and rinse-off skin care products. This technology offers a new way to enhance formulations and convey the action of Salvona’s delivery systems immediately upon application.

MicroBeads™ are available in a multitude of striking shades and color change varieties.

Salvona offers two types of MicroBeads™:

  1. MicroBead™      Colors: Colored beads that can provide visual appeal in a variety of      products.
  2. MicroBead™      ColorFx: White beads that blend into formulations, unseen until they are      rubbed. Beads break down and release another color. For example, white      beads can release green color to neutralize skin redness or a tan shade to      improve skin tone.

MicroBeads™ work synergistically with Salvona’s advanced delivery systems to do more than temporarily cover up skin imperfections. View the MicroBeads™ catalog and contact Salvona for advanced technologies.