Tools of the Trade: LUMiSizer® - The All-in-One Dispersion Analyser

Salvona's LUMiSizer® Dispersion Analyzer waiting for the next round of samples.

Salvona's LUMiSizer® Dispersion Analyzer waiting for the next round of samples.

Salvona is constantly investing in new and proven tools that can shorten development time and yield stable, effective, products.  Recently, our team has added the LUMiSizer (by L.U.M. GmbH) to help in product development.

The LUMiSizer® Dispersion Analyzer is a sophisticated tool for stressing an emulsion, suspension, or solution sample and recoding the resulting phenomena. These phenomena may include, but are not limited to separation, precipitation, and flocculation.

The LUMiSizer® Dispersion Analyzer stresses the material by applying heat and centrifugal force to a sample. Any change in the sample is recorded by measuring changes in light transmission through the material over the period of testing.

Analyzing the response of a sample to this stress allows for a determination of relative sample stability. Comparing a sample to formulas with established room temperature, shelf life allows relative stability data to act as predictive stability data.

The LUMiSizer® is one of many tools used at Salvona to create our cutting edge solutions.  We'll be posting more information about how Salvona tests and qualifies its products on this blog - stay tuned!

24-Hour Skin-Barrier Repair Benefits from MultiSal™ Neolipids

Click to read the article "Atopic Dermatitis, and the Role for a Ceramide-Dominant, Physiologic Lipid-Based Barrier Repair Emulsion" which details the benefits of MultiSal™ Neolipids by Leon Kircik MD, Firas Hougeir MD, and Joseph Bikowski MD.


Over the last half century, and especially over the last 15 years, understanding of the structure and function of the stratum corneum has evolved tremendously. Once conceptualized as an inactive film formed by lifeless, disintegrating keratinocytes, the stratum cor-neum is now recognized as a viable, functional structure that plays an important role in maintaining skin health and possibly mediating cutaneous diseases. Researchers and clinicians have also come to realize that the barrier functions not only to prevent the entry of exogenous factors, such as irritants or allergens, but that it also can mediate disease. We had already realized that dysfunction of the barrier may itself directly contribute to the pathogenesis of skin diseases, notably atopic dermatitis. More specifically, evidence shows that epidermal barrier dysfunction is likely to be a precursor of cutaneous inflammation.

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Meet Salvona's new dermatology team at AAPS, booth 4448

A few months ago, Salvona put together a team dedicated to the research and development of encapsulation as a solution for enhancing the delivery of APIs. The company will showcase the solutions and services it has to offer to the pharmaceutical industry at the upcoming American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) conference this November 10th to 14th in San Antonio, Texas.

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Powerful Skin Solutions for Daily Use

Salvona's advanced technologies make it possible to develop powerful formulations that are skin-friendly and easy to use on a daily basis. That's why, in a live webinar, we introduced a line of Daily Skin Care technologies that feature six product concepts packed with our innovative technologies.

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