We are a technology and manufacturing company in New Jersey founded in 1998.

Our Start

Salvona was founded in 1998 in a basement with a dream. Drs. Sam and Adi Shefer wanted to start a company that could help bring controlled release systems, and their benefits, to consumers. After years of study at MIT and Harvard as well as industry work, the two decided to make this vision a reality.

Salvona Technologies, LLC was born with a large patent portfolio and base for fabric, household, food, beverage, skin, hair, industrial, and pharmaceutical applications. Over the years the company began to specialize and focus - today offering a catalog of products for the consumer care and pharmaceutical markets while maintaining custom development and offerings for other industries. Since its inception, Salvona has grown into one of the most comprehensive and innovative encapsulation companies in the world. The company's solutions help solve a wide range of issues encountered by small cosmetic companies to Fortune 100 businesses. No problem is too small. 

While the company grew, Dr. Adi Shefer passed away in 2010. Shortly after, Salvona partnered with ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ CHEMIE GmbH to help bring about a transformation to grow and expand our solution offerings.

As we work together with customers to help solve their formulation challenges, we keep in mind the original vision of our founders.


Salvona’s proprietary technology platforms include nano-spheres, sub-micron spheres, microspheres, invisible soluble patches, and biodegradable devices. Currently, Salvona’s technologies are being used in various skin care products, i.e., underarm antiperspirant applicators, dermatological anti-acne products, skin exfoliators, body & skin treatments for anti-aging and atopic dermatitis, anti-dandruff scalp products, medical biodegradable diagnostic devices such as a camera pill, professional hair care products, and wellness (spa) products as well as food supplements and air care products.


Salvona’s headquarters is located in Hamilton, Central New Jersey, approximately 75 minutes south of New York City and 50 minutes north of Philadelphia. Conveniently located just off exit 7A on the New Jersey Turnpike, the company occupies a headquarters suite with an office complex, state of the art product development facility, QA/QC analytical laboratory, pilot production plant, and GMP production facility for sub-micron and microspheres. Large-scale production, all of which is done under cGMP FDA regulations, is currently outsourced to approved contract manufacturers.

Company Strategy

Salvona Technologies LLC is focused on manufacturing proprietary advanced encapsulation systems that modify the way functional and active ingredients are being delivered. These systems are used to formulate innovative and highly functional products with unique features, including long-lasting release, triggered release, and targeted delivery. The encapsulation technologies are designed to address production and application issues, such as stability of raw materials, formulation practicality, environmental and safety concerns, and user compliance.

Salvona has established an umbrella of intellectual property covering its broad technology platforms that provides the company with the freedom to operate and apply these technologies in various markets including consumer health care, dermatology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, oral hygiene, and general consumer care. Salvona’s patent portfolio covers both the compositions and applications of its technology platforms. Since its founding, the company has applied for nearly 100 patents.

Salvona is privately owned and operates in partnership with ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ CHEMIE GmbH.