manufacturing, and
delivering to our clients since 1998.

What We Do

Salvona is team made of engineers, chemists, biologists, regulatory, sales, and administrative experts that focus delivering value to our clients.  We do this by focusing on the manufacture of advanced encapsulation systems used to formulate innovative and highly functional products with unique features, including long-lasting release, triggered release, and targeted delivery.

Salvona holds a patent portfolio on these technologies that allow for truly unique, and own-able, new product development.  Our extensive patents cover oral, skin, and hair care as well as both consumer and pharmaceutical market applications.  This unique advantage is different from other raw material suppliers, where competition and imitation are fierce.  Salvona's technologies are unique with a portfolio of efficacious data built around them and are currently in global use for anti-aging, anti-microbial, fragrance and flavor delivery, dermatology, hair care, or other applications.

We primarily partner with our clients in three ways:

  1. Off-the-shelf, ready-to-go, encapsulation systems.  These systems are designed to be easily incorporated into a pre-existing base or product.  They cover the majority of client needs and offer a cost effective solution that is ready to take to market.
  2. Custom tailored encapsulation of raw materials. For clients with specific actives in mind, or a unique challenge, Salvona is able to partner, gather specifications, and engineer a truly custom encapsulation system.  These solutions overcome existing challenges or allow for prolonged, targeted, or triggered release of the active materials inside.
  3. Turn-key development services. Leveraging our experience in the pharmaceutical and consumer goods market, Salvona's formulation team can develop a product for clients and oversee the manufacturing and logistics of getting it to the market place.  Salvona has partnered with many small brands to start their business and larger household names to quickly and effectively get new products to market.

We pride ourselves on efficiency, flexibility, and customer service that goes above and beyond. We work to meet each customer's needs, from raw materials to turnkey products.

Salvona is privately owned and operates in partnership with ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ CHEMIE GmbH, a world leader in specialty chemicals.

Our Facility

Salvona’s headquarters is located in Hamilton, Central New Jersey, approximately 75 minutes south of New York City and 50 minutes north of Philadelphia. Conveniently located just off exit 7A on the New Jersey Turnpike, the company occupies a headquarters suite with an office complex, state of the art product development facility, QA/QC analytical laboratory, pilot production plant, and GMP production facility for sub-micron and microspheres. Large-scale production, all of which is done under cGMP FDA regulations, is currently outsourced to approved contract manufacturers.